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Being the 2nd largest car company in South Korea, Kia Motors is known as one of the fastest rising names in the auto industry. Founded in 1944, Kia Motors started out as company responsible for producing steel tubing and bicycles. It would eventually evolve into manufacturing motorcycles, passenger cars and trucks for public use. Partnering with Ford in 1986 gave the Korean car company the chance to produce several vehicles drawn from Mazda which they released both domestically and internationally. 

In 1992, Kia Motors started an American branch and sold their models through various dealerships. Like any other Asian company in the late 90s, Kia Motors was affected by the financial crisis which led to the company announcing their bankruptcy. This marked the acquisition of Kia by its rival in South Korea, Hyundai Motors. Under this condition, Kia Motors bounced back from the financial crisis and progressed in the new decade. Kia Motors is now eyeing the European market to expand its operations and sales.

These cars rely on many factors to retain its build and quality. The amount of attention and care a motorist invests is one factor. Another is the use of Kia parts to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Whether it’s the car owner determines if needs replacement parts or performance parts, the use of Kia parts to improve the driving conditions of a Kia vehicle comes into mind. Kia parts offer the car owner a definite solution when it comes to improving the efficiency and performance of the Kia vehicle in its day to day operations.

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