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With a brand history of 125 years, Edox now has firmly formed its status in the Haute Horology via manufacturing splendid watches of sophistication, ultra-thin mechanisms, superb quality and timeless elegance and uniqueness. This brand was initially established in 1884 by an insightful businessman called Christian Ruefly-Flury. Just in a short period, he turned the small business into one of the most renowned watch-making manufacturers in the world. In order to meet the diverse demand of the customers, Edox enriched its iconic Proud Heritage collection with another high-end timepiece that has an intimate relationship with the motor sports, namely, the new Koenigsegg Limited Edition Wristwatch.

The new creation is available in two models including one with handcrafted titanium case and the other with the same case but embellished by brilliant diamonds. The watch case is measured 48*54*19mm. Both are powered by an automatic Edox chronograph movement that is COSC-certified to ensure the precise timing and excellent performance. This wristwatch is fully functional for hour, minute and go functions, tachymeter scale and big date display. The watch is in complicated architecture including scratched-resistant sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, eye-catching carbon-fiber dial with the mixed colors of silver, black, yellow and white. Even the diamond model, the hour indicators are ornamented by straight-line diamonds. Brand logo is marked beneath 12 o’clock and further below is the double date aperture. What is more, three chronographs counters in white and orange form a striking contrast against the dark hues of the dial.

Due to the close relationship with the luxurious automotives manufacturer, the new creation can perfectly integrate the passion for high-end timepiece with the passion for the Koenigsegg sports cars. You can kill two birds with one stone! Isn’t a nice thing to go? This kind of wristwatch is produced at limited edition of 40 pieces covering 10 highlighted by glittering diamonds. It is waterproof to 50 meters, available for daily water actions. The amazing wristwatch is completed with voguish black crocodile leather strap with deployment buckle. The retail price per each is near $30,000 to match the luxurious Koenigsegg automobile.

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