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Jaguar has been a leader in the car industry since the early 1920s, and it has been making fantastic vehicles and impressing its customers since then. Jaguar is particularly well known for making sophisticated cars that are stylish and innovative.. We will take a look at some Jaguar facts and see some history behind this great automotive brand that makes it what it is today.

Jaguar XF is being launched as a sports sedan, and it has a 240 horsepower to support that claim. Jaguar created the XF at its Whitley Development and Design Center in the United Kingdom. And while critics claim that the XF certainly doesn't break the Jaguar mold, it definitely replicates the luxury and power that Jaguar has always been known for. Originally titled the C-XF (for concept XF), the sports sedan has veered slightly from the classic Jaguar design. The XF is built more in the style of a sports coupe, rather than a sedan. However, it does have four doors, putting it in the sedan category. Jaguar seems to be taking its cues from Mercedes, who has been developing similar vehicles for several years.

Most critics claim that the XF fails to attract a younger set of consumers. Critics do not make sense as young buyers are not the target market for executive cars.

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