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There are a multitude of cars in the world and some are more desired than others. Without a doubt, one of the most popular (and envied) cars on the world market is the Porsche. There is good reason why so many motion pictures put the heroes of action movies in a Porsche. The car immediately presents the hero as a man of wealth and taste and this quickly establishes the hero as a "somebody". Yes, the Porsche can create a powerful image in people's eyes and it has been doing so since 1964. There have been many models of Porsche produced over the years with some being more popular than other models. It is safe to say, however, each model possessed something of value and that is why their sales were solid. So, let' take a look at three of the most famous models.

The Porsche 911

While the Porsche 911 was in production until 1989, it is the "A and B" models that were produced between 1964 and 1969 that are the most endearing. There were a number of reasons for this and, of course, the most important (at least among consumers) was look and performance. This was a great looking car that drove very, very fast. That is why it appealed to the affluent and the adventurous who were weaned upon the images of the rebellious, fast driving James Dean when they were younger. Actually, there is a third reason: prestige. Owning a Porsche was a huge status symbol during the late 1960's and the image of the car, in a way, defined the decade.

The Porsche 914

The Porsche 914 was Porsche's very popular 1970's model. While it was not as stunning as the Porsche 911, the Porsche 914 did have a certain merit to it. Different eras will yield different tastes and the look of the Porsche 914 was a departure from the Porsche 911. The model featured a very low ride as well as a rear engine. It was a Porsche but it didn't look and feel like a Porsche. Yet, it remained popular for several years although popularity in the Porsche started to decline in the late 1970's.

The Porsche 944

As the 1970's turned into the 1980's, Porsche released the model 944 and it was a very successful release. The legacy of the Porsche 944 is that the model is known as the savior of the Porsche. That is quite a lofty title, but is it an exaggeration? Actually, it is not overstated at all. Porsche sales had slumped significantly and it looked as if the future of Porsche was in doubt. Then, along came the Porsche 944 and it proved to be a huge hit. The sales of the Porsche 944 reinvigorated what was quickly becoming a declining brand. Perhaps, it can be said the 944 was the most important release in Porsche history.

Porsche began its legacy with the development of the Porsche 356 in the first half of the 20th century. Since that time Porsche has release many, many models and created a legacy of excellence in automobile manufacturing. While Porsche has had its ups and downs over the years, it is a given that Porsche will remain popular for many more years to come.

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