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Starting with the inexpensive vehicles in 1900, gradually Pontiac introduced sportier styling, Catalina trim-level; rear-end styling, 124 inches wheelbase designs to its new cars to replace the streamliner models as well as the torpedoes. In 1952, Pontiac introduced its new model cars based on GM-A body platform.

Windshields were equipped in 1953 Pontiac models. However, the cars were generated using two shield units initially. Company introduced new chassis as well as new body design for its 1955 model cars. V8 engine was also introduced in these models replacing conventional use of straight 8-cylinder engine. The new model cars comprised of additional features of overhead valve v8 engine, 173 horse power engines. As a result of this, sales of Pontiac cars increased drastically.

Pontiac Bonneville model replaced Star Chief as well as Super Chief series models due to the new design advanced features along with a fuel injection system in Bonneville model. Gradually, Pontiac introduced its first wedge shaped Firebird in the year 1982. The parental company of Pontiac, GM had introduced J-body cars during that period.

In 1984, Pontiac offered Fiero sports coupe to its car lovers. This was a mid engine coupe, two seat car with a reasonable price as well as sporting performance, hence young mass had liked this model. This model was also considered a quite successful as it increased the company sales after a four year gap. Recently in 2008, Pontiac offered its G8 model cars, which replaced Grand Prix models, GTO as well as Bonneville model cars. As a 2009 model, Pontiac G3 hatchback model has been offered in the market off-late.
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