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Consumers were excited when the 2005 Pagani Zonda F was finally revealed to them in all of its glory and splendor. It was produced using the carbon fiber construction that Pagani is famous for and is one of the many reasons why it is a great supercar and appealing to high end consumers. This great styling combined with its power made it irresistible.

The 2005 Zonda F was built as a special edition car and was built next to the regular production model. It adopted the modifications that were adapted to the C12-S Monza - but they were refined and improved upon. With this package the supercar is now faster and more powerful then its predecessor.

When it came to the shape of the Zonda F aerodynamics became one of the biggest factors. One of the more traditional devices that they used was a one-piece fixed wing that now will receive undisturbed air due to the mirrors that have been relocated. In order to improve the airflow underneath Pagani has installed a larger rear diffuser and front splitter. The twin stabilizing wings help to create more down force.

In order to add more power to the Zonda F engineers equipped it with a new induction system that replaces the unit by Mercedes-Benz. It features intake apertures and when it is mixed with the larger hydro formed exhaust the 7.3 liter engine can push out 620 bhp.

The chassis was also given many upgrades that helped to lighten the weight of the supercar. It was given new designed 19 and 20" wheels that help to make room for larger brakes. The total weight of the 2005 Pagani Zonda F is 1230 kgs.

Supercars are considered to be some of the fastest and most elegant cars in the automotive industry. Pagani is just one of a dozens of automakers that produces and distributes these high powered cars to the incredibly wealthy.
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