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Ford Performance Vehicles is the Melbourne-based, premium performance vehicle partner of automobile manufacturer Ford Australia. The company has produced a range of Ford based models under the FPV brand name since April 2003.

The roots of FPV can be traced back to 1991, when the English automotive engineering company Tickford began a collaboration with Ford Australia to produce high-performance variants of the Australian Falcon range. The partnership, Tickford Vehicle Engineering, saw the introduction of the Ford Falcon S-XR6 and Ford Falcon S-XR8 models. This was followed in October 1999 by the launch of the Ford Tickford Experience dealer network and the FTE T-Series range based on Ford’s AU Falcon and Fairlane models. In 2002, following the purchase of Tickford by Prodrive, the Ford Performance Vehicles company was formed as a joint venture between Ford Australia and Prodrive. The FPV brand name was created to replace the FTE name and a restructured range was developed based on the Ford BA Falcon and headlined by the FPV GT-P.

In August 2012 it was announced that Ford Australia was to purchase the assets of Ford Performance Vehicles and continue the engineering, manufacturing and marketing of the FPV brand in Australia.

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