Car Company Logos

If you are running a car business and you do not have franchises all over the country, then you must understand that your potential customers lie within the ten miles distance.

Car repairing, car rental, car wash and car dealers are the related business coming under the umbrella of car businesses. Such businesses are not only expensive to run but also hardly ensure 15-20% of customer loyalty. Very few of them become your regular customers turning up every time they need any kind of relevant assistance.

This statistic increases the importance of marketing as ever for the promotion and publicity of the business. Marketing is a measure taken by businesses for creating awareness, brand recall and endorsement of product and services. For an effective marketing, it is important to have a face or an identity of your brand.

A brand's identity is its signage that is transferred on various marketing collateral tools to maintain and promote the identity of the business. Professional and expert marketing activities will further instill the feeling of reliability and trustworthiness among the customers. Also, you need to carry these on a regular basis to keep yourself in the forefront of the minds of your customers. It will also help you to distinguish yourself from the competitors as well as help you deliver the message to your clientele in an unmatched fashion.

A logo for car company, if designed and used effectively across selected marketing mediums, will help you deliver a message that will never be ignored. But you must consider the following few important elements before designing a logo for your car business.

A. Color: The colors used in such logos are splashy and bright to highlight the speed and zeal linked to cars as a moving object. Colors such as blue, red, green are used, each signifying a different aspect of the business. While green and blue represent the eco-friendly nature of the business, the red color shows a collection of automobiles that are swift and fast.

B. Image: If your business is related to car wash then you can use images such as water, pipe, waves, soap, bubbles or any image related to cleaning but if you are, a car dealer or rental service then your image will definitely be different. Such businesses could use, car keys, dollar sign with car, road or tyre In logos. An auto repair business may use screw drivers, nuts or bolts in their logos.

C. Font: Usually fonts used in car business logo are bold but italic to emphasize the swift movement of the product. They are valiant fonts that increase the readability of the text and also inculcate confidence among your target audience.

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