German Car Brand Logos

Germany has for a long time been known as one of the best car manufacturers producing cars that are adored all over the world. Here are some car brand logos of some of the best cars manufactured in Germany.


Featuring four interlocking rings, this emblem has been used for very many years. Audi started out as four different companies and then the companies later merged and formed one large company.

The four rings in the logo represent the four pre-merger companies where each ring is a symbol of each of the companies. In addition to cars, Audi also manufactures motorcycles and bicycles.


The simple circle with a three pointed star in the center is the logo of Mercedes-benz which is a brand that has for centuries been used to signify elegance. The emblem represents the merging of Daimler and Mercedes.

The pointed star was registered by Daimler in 1909 while the circle was registered by Mercedes in 1916. When the two companies came together they formed the logo that has earned international recognition.


The blue and white checkerboard pattern represents an airline propeller. This is because BMW was originally an airline manufacturer before it moved to manufacturing cars. The colors on the logo and the checks are from the Bavarian flag where the company was founded.


The logo features a lightning streaking across an open circle above the word "Opel." According to experts, the emblem was inspired by the Opel Blitz truck. This is because "blitz" means "lightning" in German.


The original emblem was a swastika, but now it's an overlapping "V" and "W." The name Volkswagen means "The car of the people" and the company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche. The company is headquartered in Wolfsburg and produces cars that are adored all around the world.


The logo features a shield with a prancing horse in the center, and red and black stripes. The horse represents Stuttgart, Germany where the brand was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931.

The most unique thing about this brand is that it only produces sports cars. This means that the cars produced are very fast and with incredible performances.

These are some of the car brand logos of automobiles produced in Germany. When buying any of the cars you should ensure that you buy it from a reputable seller. You should note that different cars are designed for different roads; therefore, you buy a car that fits the road that you will be driving on.
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